Grizzelda Gorilla – Award Winning Picture Book

Grizzelda Gorilla

cvr200x300grizzeldagorillaGRIZZELDA GORILLA [©2007]
Written by K. D. Huxman
Illustrated by Pamela Wedel

Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color

When Grizzelda Gorilla’s colorful parasol is broken in a freak accident, she must turn to an activity she dislikes in order to fix it: sewing.
Released on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

trophy160x200grizzeldakdhuxmanEPPIE 2008 TROPHY WINNER FOR BEST CHILDREN’S BOOK

* * * * *

A review for GRIZZELDA GORILLA had this to say: “Excellent language and story line for kids that are always finding they don’t want to follow through with tasks they don’t like, then often find that sense of satisfaction when they actually put forth the effort.  Illustrations are delightfully connected to the words!” – Melody Logan 08/2008  FIVE STARS


amazonpap120x200grizzeldagorillaColor Hardback [8.5×11 Casebound] 24 pages
[EAN 978-0-9794660-2-1 | ISBN 0-9794660-2-4]
$29.99 Listed Retail | Sale prices aver. $21.99

Color Paperback [8×10 Perfect-Bound] 24 pages
[EAN 978-0-9794660-3-8 | ISBN 0-9794660-3-2]
[EAN 978-0-9794660-6-9 | ISBN 0-9794660-6-7]
$14.99 Listed Retail | $11.99 Average Sale Price

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kindle120x200grizzeldagorillaeBook Editions [full color] Listed Retail: $5.99
[EAN 978-1-936381-71-5 | ISBN 1-936381-71-0]
Formats include: Adobe PDF, Amazon Kindle, EPUB

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